You Create Tranquility

In spite of all the chaos and dogma and the mean-spirited acts that may surround you, you create tranquility.  Peace, calm, tranquility can be achieved by you at any time and in any place.

Right now, you can create tranquility.  A restful, peace-centered mind is and can be your domain.  All it takes is first a willingness to suspend anger, grudges, falsity, pain, blame or any negativity which dispels calm and the second order is to choose tranquility. Some meditate, others offer prayers or read or write, dance or create art to re-gain their inner need for peace and tranquility.

Slow down, chill out, think with your heart, create kindness.  Be gentle, look for goodness. Frame your life with mindfulness. Sing a song, write a poem. Smile.

Create your tranquil space, voice words of peace, place joy in your heart. Become a well wisher for every man, woman and child; it will change the world-especially yours.

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“True peace and tranquility will only come when every soul becomes the well wishers of all mankind.” ~Baha’i writings (The Tabernacle of Unity)