Time is History


Time is History

The question is:  How will you tell your her-story or history?

What things would you leave in a time box that would tell future generations what your life was like during this time?  How would you capture in a time capsule your likes, loves, desires, plans, achievements, or dreams so that when someone opens it 50 years from now, they would know who you were when you loaded these things into the time capsule.

Think of nine things that would capture you right now expecting someone to open it in 50 years.

Choose your time capsule–it should be sturdy and waterproof in case you want to put it in the ground. Or, you could use a sturdy box or case to put in a hide away place above ground.  The choice is yours, just choose your nine time capsule items to put in your time capsule.  Put them in the time capsule and then put it away in your secret, sacred place . Leave a clue that it exits and then pride yourself for leaving a time history piece that signifies you!

You are here,mark your future now.  Time is history.

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