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Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits! is an award winning self-help book that’s endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup series).  This spiral, lay flat book contains 101 everyday obstacles that must be challenged. Each obstacle is written about only in two pages – the left page helps the reader understand what the obstacle is and ends with a simple, doable opportunity step and the right page has an inspirational story about someone who has overcome that obstacle or a quote to guide the reader to climb that obstacle.

Move from Strife to Life

You can move from strife to life.  This book readies the reader to accept the fact that you are your own CEO, thus the title Climb Every Obstacle. You can eliminate your limits..It’s a fact: Obstacles are a part of everyone’s DNA. The difference between an obstacle or opportunity strictly depends on the choice you make. Climb Every Obstacle uses solid step-by-step advice for anyone to scale their personal mountain and reach their summit; there are guiding lampposts along the way.  Master procrastination, conquer anxiety, confront racism or sexism, change habits, or deal with trauma or debt in a way that allows you to come out on top. Become fearless and free.

Endorsements: (I’m still waiting on Oprah)

“We all have a mountain of obstacles. This book shows you how to climb over them no matter if they are called fear, depression, hatred, racism or criticism. This will get you over, under, around and through to your gold mine of a better life and lifestyle.: ~Mark Victor Hansen

“Dr. Phil move out of the way.  Climb Every Obstacle is excellent therapy on one page. You learn how to face your challenge or obstacle and act in the positive.” ~Brenda Steele

“Eliminate your limits by reading Climb Every Obstacle. The book inspires as well as challenges sothat you can live life to the fullest;” ~Willie Jolley, CSP (author of A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback)

“As an athlete in the ‘journey of life’, you will be challenged in the uphill climb-a process of strength building for the downhill reward od exhilaration and accomplishment. The obstacles are clear, the answers complex, and the decisions of the journey are yours. This book is a great challenge for muscle building and life success.” ~Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE Past president of the National Speakers Association

“I use this book as an oracle. Whenever I am faced with a challenge, I take out my book and read whatever page it opens up to. Unfailingly, it opens to exactly the answer I need to correct an imbalance in my life.” ~Leticia Owens

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