Pain Promises Light

Life is light. Every second that you breathe you are adding light energy to your life.  It matters not how gloomy the day or dark the night may be, breathing is life’s light.  Even through the bleak moments of despair, remember there is light.

Let there be light, let there be life. balance-beach-build-816377

Those who have overcome obstacles know this adage to be absolutely true.  Holocaust survivors, early Chinese Americans, slaves, Native Americans,  black and brown people, Bahia’s , to name a few oppressed or exploited populations, recognize pain promises light.

Endure, embrace, expect.

  • Endure, there will be light.
  • Embrace, light rays fall on everyone.
  • Expect, radiance and illumination.

“Those who can bear all can dare all.” ~ Luc de Clapiers

Bear it all, where there is life there is light.




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