I Dare You

“I dare you, while there is still time, to have a magnificent obsession.”   ~William Danforth

Take a sensible dare. Do something rational that you would not ordinarily do.  You may feel like singing out loud or dancing as if no one is watching.  Your dare could be as simple as taking a different route as you drive. Or, if you want to add more complexity, do so. This is your life and I dare you to own it.

When you feel more daring, today or any day, you are more likely to take risks and move from always doing what’s expected.  Skip along the road, sign-up for a creative class; I dare you to stretch your norms.

Doing things differently, taking a risk, or living out a personal dare, changes you.  You free yourself from the stale box of conformity.  You really do change. Change, by doing something differently, is righteously your right.  Planned risk-taking  moves you out of a comfort zone in life and stimulates excitement!

You have the power to uplift your life and probably others around you will applaud your inner and outer shift.   Even if others don’t value what you dare to do, how they think of you is none of your business says Terry Cole Whitaker.

The more elongated you dare, the longer you stretch limits you’d previously set for yourself, the more permanent the new habit will become.  Runners don’t become marathoners in one day, neither should the exercise of your dare be for one day.

Think about what you would most like to change in your life. Make a dare to manage that change and then set goals to make it happen.  Remember, the benefits of daring yourself to do something different greatly outweigh fears that exert themselves to drag you back into conformity.

I dare you to take on a new challenge with vigor.  Take charge of your intellect, talk yourself into exploring and doing something different. Take a leap of faith, believe in yourself and your ability to non-conform for a while.

Play the piano badly. Go belly dancing. Paint your masterpiece. Have a magnificent obsession. Dare mightily.  Take the time now to stare conformity in the eye and make a life change.

I dare YOU!

(What is your dare- tell me about something daring you have done).  I bet you will encourage others to take a dare and make a change in their lives.




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