Day 7: Positive Change Practice

Today is Day 7 of Positive Change Practice. Each daily posting, if practiced, with active intention will effect positive change in your life for 2019.

Task: Do the practice-make your Day 7 positive change today.

  • Read a children’s book

Oftentimes adults forget the awe of reading when they were children. Reading can transport you to a different, often very positive, even imaginary world.

Get out of a rut, read a child’s story. Think about your memories and the magical wonder of reading and discovery as a positive change practice.

Research on awe (an emotion related to Edmund Burke’s notion of the sublime, Sigmund Freud’s oceanic feelings, and Abraham Maslow’s peak experiences) reveals that it allows you to transcend constrictions in life and transport you to positive wonder.

Be in awe, you are awesome.

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