Day 36: Positive Change Practice

Today is Day 36 of Positive Change Practice. Each post, if actively practiced, for you will effect positive change in your life for 2019.

This month will focus on love.

Task: Do the practice-make your 36th positive change today.

Day 36: List the 8 wonders of the world

Take out a pen or pencil and write down the known wonders of the world.  Not to worry or stress is you cannot recall all of them, but surely you know one.

Maybe you are wondering why most lists only have seven. Although that may be true, today add your name to the list because you are a unique wonder of this world.

Be in awe of yourself, praise YOU! Accept you. You are worthy of being named a world wonder. This positive change practice is about the wonderful you.

Reflect on who you really are–you are alive, you serve others, you contribute to the wellness of society, you think, you share your talents, you are a success (as you define it), and you are a happy and joyful being.

You are a divine wonder.

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