Day 35: Positive Change Practice

Today is Day 35 of Positive Change Practice. Each post, if actively practiced, for you will effect positive change in your life for 2019.

This month will focus on love.

Task: Do the practice-make your 35th positive change today.

  • Day 35: Schedule a hearing test

What you hear oftentimes shapes your reality.  At least temporarily, hearing creates truth until in-built filters, based on experience and/or a truer reality may supplant what you’ve heard.

Guard your ear-gate.  Hearing is a valuable sense, it informs your word and world.  It’s important to hear a siren, music, what others are talking about, a bird chirping, or even the cry of a loved one.

It is also worthy to hear what you say to yourself.  Make sure your inner dialogue is kind, encouraging, and factual.  Listen to what you tell yourself. Check it out, check your hearing so that you hear what you believe.

Believe in your power, hear it clearly.

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