Day 31: Positive Change Practice

Today is Day 31 of Positive Change Practice. Daily posting, if actively practiced, for you will effect positive change in your life for 2019.

Task: Do the practice-make your 31st positive change today.

  • Day 31: Chill Out

Relax your mind, rest will follow.  Chill out, gain perspective. Positive change in your life is happening. Reward yourself.

Get off of the activity-focused treadmill. Slow down, breathe. Exhale, feel good not exhausted.

Breathe in, hold it for a few seconds. Now, let it out. Try this relaxation technique over and over again today. Just breathe, pay attention to your breath. Make only this your positive change practice.

Pay attention to who you are, feel good. Chill out, refresh yourself. You deserve a break today.

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