Be A River

Be a river. Let your life flow like a river. Allow goodness to meander to its place of being.  Wash away all negativity, cleanse the dross of anger or suspicion, rinse out prior thoughts that no longer serve you or the world.

Feel refreshed

Get in the river of your mind. How do you feel? 

Is it refreshing to be there or is your mind river cluttered with debris that obstruct happiness in your life?  A refreshed mind river constantly moves and is full of hope, happiness, service to others, kindness, potency, love, power.  No matter what happens to it, a healthy river flow. Your mind river to can expand and give drops of water that moisturize and heal.

Let it Flow

Cleanse your river by doing something healthy.  For you this could mean checking on a neighbor to ask how they are doing and finding out whether they need your help.  It could be going outside and feeling a delightful breeze on your body. You may want to dance or write a letter of gratitude.

Your ways to let your mind river flow are endless and as limitless as your intentional wish for goodness and well-being.  Let it flow unguarded by expectations or seemingly silliness. If you feel like singing out loud in public and it makes you feel good -DO IT!

Be as unconstrained as a river.

Live Like a River    

“Beginning to end, the river’s process of giving and receiving is peaceful, beautiful and healthy. It is abundant with what it needs. Nothing more, nothing less…It doesn’t resist change.” ~Bahram Akradi (founder, Life Time-A Healthy Way of Life)

Deeply embrace the natural flow of your river mind. Release constricting, imposed boundaries and feel how you feel.  What do you notice while you are in this new space—ownership, joy, freedom, courageous, mindful, peaceful, alive?

Grow and Receive     

Bounties await you when you live like a river.  A richer life happens when you flow like a river. Enviable change is in your mind river – you deserve and have earned the right, by your very existence, to be a river.

Name your river

Choose a name for your river.  Whenever or wherever you are when you feel alive and are ready to receive the treasures of your life river call it a name.  The name could be your name or any name that promises loving joy.

It’s your river and this is your unique life.

Live in the flow.

Question:  How do you live like a river?

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