Day 34: Positive Change Practice

Today is Day 34 of Positive Change Practice. Daily posting, if actively practiced, for you will effect positive change in your life for 2019.

This month will focus on love.

Task: Do the practice-make your 34th positive change today.

  • Day 34: Clean your bathroom

Cleaning is cathartic. Clearing out clutter frees your mind and illumines the precious within.  Take time today to clean your tub or shower, freshen up the commode, organize the counter space, and most importantly, wipe clean the mirror.

A mirror reflects what you see (really!).  A clean, clear mirror shows back the inner and outer you.  In some ways, it redoubles the adage ‘what you see is what you get.’

A bathroom is a sanctuary. Clean it, freshen it up. Make your bathroom and your life shine.


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